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a note from YogiWrap inventor, Teri Alves

My company, Bala Enterprises, gets its name from my two daughters, "Big A and little a."  I never thought I'd be the owner of an LLC, making a retail website, nor creating a retail product.  But then again, why not?  Having been an elementary school teacher the last 12 years, I've never shied away from new learning!

The YogiWrap flexible ice pack itself began out of necessity.  When my first daughter (Big A) moved up at daycare into the toddler room, I toyed with various ice packs to chill her daily dose of organic yogurt without the use of the baby room's refrigerator.  I quickly found that every ice pack on the market was cumbersome, ill-fitting and just took up too much real estate in her lunchbox.  Fast forward a year or so (adding on little a) to me spending a summer toying around with hardware store materials, fashioning various ice wrap prototypes.  Three years and 8 or more prototypes later, the YogiWrap has come a long way.  It is now a ready-for-retail product made of safe, high-quality materials.


Mama A. / Mrs. Alves (to my students!)


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